What is has been on the Danish market for 25 years. We were the first in Scandinavia to offer anyone to get a DNA test or paternity test, and we have delivered thousands of DNA tests since we set off in June 1998.

Throughout the years we have maintained our leading position, and during the last couple of years, we have also offered the newest and most accurate double test in Europe with a minimum of 25 to 32 genetic markers. We are by far the fastest on the market to deliver test results, and we are the only provider to offer an unlimited refund service.

We perform all types of tests: family, sibling, grandparent, twin, relative and paternity tests on the fetus from the 8th week of pregnancy. Furthermore we perform tests for the authori-ties for use in family reunification cases

Our customers
A large part of our customer base is made up of doctors, city councils, lawyers and embas-sies. We also conduct tests for individuals and we have contributed to a lot of TV Pro-grams throughout Scandinavia.

We have advised the police as well as public prosecutors in several well-known cases, and delivered DNA tests and advised many city councils in family reunification cases.

We selected some of the most recognized and largest laboratories all around the world as our partners. This ensures, that your test is based on the most recent scientific research and delivered with the highest level of service available.

By gathering all of the tests in just two laboratories, we save a lot of money, and our cus-tomers benefit from that.

Our concept and ethics are to:
-offer the best personal service available
-ensure anonymity
-deliver the newest types of DNA tests
-deliver the best quality available
-always at the best price ensures you
-Service in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English and Russian
-Collaboration with doctors, lawyers, psychologists and private hospitals
-advice, guidance and answers to individual questions regarding the DNA tests
-25 years of experience with DNA tests
-All our DNA tests are done as double tests with 25 to 32 genetic markers, and our test is the most accurate in Europe

It is this foundation that our company has built upon, and what we have specialized in and fine-tuned for the past 25 years.

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