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Test the sex of the Fetus

Product description:

This test is an expansion of the prenatal paternity test, which gives you the possibility of testing the sex of the fetus, once you have had a Prenatal paternity test. You don’t have to order it at the same time as the prenatal paternity test. In fact, you can order it up to four weeks after you received the test result of your prenatal paternity test. You don’t have to show up again to take this test.

This test can only be ordered if you have had a prenatal paternity test, and only up to four weeks after you received your test result.


  • Get the result within 4 to 6 workdays
  • No risk for the fetus
  • Test can be carried out after 8th week of pregnancy
  • Shows the sex with a 100 percent accuracy
  • Unlimited money back-guarantee on the product
  • Thorough manual is included with the test kit

Order a Test the sex of the Fetus

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Test the Fetus

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