DNA Banking

Product description:

DNA banking is a service for private citizens as well as organizations. We keep the person’s DNA for 15 years at a time. The profile can only be accessed by those, you have consented to give access. Delivery within 4 to 6 workdays.

  • Get the result within 4 to 6 workdays
  • The test kit is for one person
  • Personal access to your profil
  • Free delivery, also overseas
  • Unlimited money back-guarantee on the product
  • Thorough manual is included with the test kit

Order a DNA Banking

We have had satisfied customers for 20 years. As the only supplier on the market, we deliver all types of DNA family tests. We are approved by the e-brand to ensure legal and safe internet transactions. offers an unlimited money back guarantee. We don’t ask questions - you just return your unopened test kit. Our customers can always review on Trustpilot or via the e-brand

DNA Banking

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