Method ALWAYS guarantees you 100 % anonymity. Whether you are famous or unknown, young or old - everyone is treated equally.


The test kit is sent to you in a discreet envelope, which fits in any mailbox. The envelope does not show anything about the content and does not reveal anything about the sender. You can decide whereto we are to send your test. We can also split up the test and send it to different addresses without any extra cost.

The test kit includes 2 special swabs per person. Ordinary swabs can NOT be used. Furthermore, the test kit includes a comprehensive instruction manual in English, a prepaid return envelope and the special envelopes, in which you are to put the swabs.

Read and follow the enclosed instructions carefully. The tests are taken from the inside of the cheek. You move the swab back and forth on the mucosa in both sides of the mouth. Then you return the tests in the enclosed prepaid envelope.

The result of the paternal, maternal, family or twin tests normally arrives within 2 to 5 workdays with a maximum of 8 workdays after we receive your test.

The result of a sibling or half-sibling, grandparent or prenatal paternity test normally arrives within 4 to 6 workdays, with a maximum of 10 workdays after we receive your test.

You can choose to receive the result via e-mail, mail or by phone. Eg. if you wish to receive the result via mail as well as e-mail, just write so under ‘comments’, when you place your order.

It is well known that a DNA test is the most precise way of determining paternity and other family relations. offers the most precise and secure DNA test in Europe. We only employ the most recent techniques, which ensures the highest quality as well as the maximum level of result accuracy. At the same time we try our best to have the lowest prices in order to satisfy all of our customers.

All of our DNA tests are done as double tests with a minimum of 25 to 32 genetic markers. In the case of a positive result, the test states with an accuracy of at least 99.9999 percent, that you are the father of the child. Given a negative result, you have a 100 percent guarantee, that you are not the father of the child


In practice there are only two possible results of a DNA test:

You ARE biologically related


You are NOT biologically related

Our tests are only done in laboratories approved by: 

ACLASS Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025)


CAP (College of American Pathologists)

CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)

AABB (American Association of Blood Banks)

College of American Pathologists (CAP)

ANAB Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025)

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)

Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

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