Terms of trade offers the best policy regarding right of a refund available - see below.

Customer service
Mail:  24 hours every day

General information
14 Ferdinand LN
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Tax / CVR. no. 12658931
Enghaven 3
3550 Slangerup

All e-mails and text messages are normally answered within an hour during opening hours. Inquiries after closing time and during weekends and public holidays are answered within approx. 3 hours.

How do you want to receive your test kit?
We can send it to your address, a c/o address or to your workplace address. Our envelopes are anonymous and without information about the sender. We can also split a test kit and deliver it to several addresses, also abroad, for no extra cost. You can write additional addresses in the extra address field or under ‘Remarks’. 

By payment with credit card: Test kit is dispatched the same day if you order before 5 PM. adds no extra fees or interest on partial payments.
Your safety: No amount is withdrawn from your account until the goods have been dispatched from
All prices include taxes. 

You have to be 18 year to do business with If you are a minor, you need a written consent from your parents or legal.

Cancellation and returns
We are the only ones on the market with unlimited return service on all test kits purchased after Oktober 1, 2021. However, you cannot cancel, once you have started the test.

Cancellation within the first two weeks
You must inform us within the first two weeks after receiving the test kit, that you want to cancel your purchase. You can inform us via or by using the standard cancellation form. You must announce clearly that you want to cancel the purchase. You can not cancel by simply denying having received the test kit, without giving us exact information about the cancellation 

Send the test kit back to us without unnecessary delay and no more than two weeks after you informed us about your cancellation. You must pay for the return postage yourself. From the time the good is delivered, you have the responsibility for it. If the original packaging is missing, it could mean a depreciation. So if you want to make sure you get all of your money back, we recommend that you make sure to return the goods in the original packaging.

You will lose your right to cancel if you break the seal of the test kit, or because of health and/or hygenic reasons.

On return, the condition of the product when you return it
You are only responsible for possible depreciation of the product’s value, which is caused by other handling than that which is necessary to determine the product’s qualities, assets and/or functionality. In other words you can investigate the product in the same way as if you were considering purchase in a physical shop, but you cannot start using it. You cannot open the test kit.
Once the product is either used or opened, your right to cancel the purchase will be limited, and you will only receive a partial refund or no refund at all, depending on the commercial value of the product.

Repayment of the transferred amount
If you cancel your purchase, you will get a refund of the amount you paid us. In the case of depreciation for which you are responsible, the corresponding amount will be deducted.
If you want to cancel, we refund all payments from you, including delivery costs (except extra costs related to your own choice of another way of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery we offer) without any delay, and under all circumstances at the latest two weeks from the time we receive your cancellation of the transaction. The refund is made the same way you paid for the order, unless you explicitly request a different method of payment.
We will withhold the refund until we receive the returned product, unless you already documented to us, that you returned it. 

Cancellation after more than two weeks
E-mail us at: if you want to cancel your purchase. This gives you another two weeks to return the product to us. This is only possible, if you return the full product in the original condition. Simply return the test kit unopened, with the seal intact. If the seal and/or the packaging is broken, or if the product is used or partly used, you will be charged 300 DKK. In other words, if you cancel your purchase after more than two weeks, you have to return every test kit in the original condition.

If you cancel your purchase, you must return it to

We don’t accept shipment/letters by COD.

Cancellation of initiated or finished tests
You cannot cancel your order, once you have initiated or finished the test

When shopping on, you have a standard 24 month warranty. This means we can either swap the test or refund your money, depending on the given situation.
You must complain ‘within a reasonable timeframe’ after having detected the insufficiency of the product. If you complain within two months after detecting the insufficiency, the complaint will always be timely.
We always follow the general regulations concerning internet trading. Given that the complaint is eligible, we refund your (reasonable) shipment costs. The product must always be returned in a proper packaging. Remember to get a receipt for the shipment, so that we can refund your shipment costs

Ordering and carrying out the DNA test is solely the customer’s own responsibility. cannot be held accountable for tests or test results, unless the test is carried out by’s own doctors. Should it not be possible to produce a result from the received tests, due to a technical failure in the laboratory, the price of the product is refunded. In that case, will normally offer to redo the test. cannot be held responsible for possible personal or compensation matters concerning the test result. cannot be held responsible for your mistakes when ordering, should that end up in a faulty result, by delay or by failing to deliver a test result.
Should it be impossible to come up with a test result, will normally offer the possibility of testing additional persons (familiy members) in the same test to obtain a test result. will initially cover the extra expenses. Should the participation of the additional person or persons lead to a test result, the customer will pay the price for "extra persons" per additional person, who took part in the test. always strives to have the shortest delivery times and the most recent techniques at the best prices 

Politics for personal data
What do we do with your personal information?
In order for you to shop on, we need the following information:
*Mailing address
*Possibly phone number to which the test result can be delivered
*E-mail address to which the test result can be sent
We only record your personal data in order to be able to deliver the product and the test result to you. Information given to is in no way passed on to a third party, and we keep no record of sensitive personal information. All information about the test result is deleted 21 workdays after the delivery of the result. Before it is deleted, only the head of data has access to the information.
Your personal information remains in’s archives for five years, and is then deleted. Head of data on is Ulrich Ebsen.
When registered with you can always complain about the registration. You also have the right to a full insight in the information recorded about you. These are your statutory rights, which you can obtain by writing to


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