Paternity test

Are you the father of the child? Are you the son/daughter of your father?


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Twin test

Are the twins identical or not? Get the result within 2 to 5 workdays


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Half-sibling test

If two persons have a biological father or mother in common


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Prenatal Paternity

Determine who is the father of the unborn child from as early as the 8th week


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A belief is fine, but knowledge gives security. Everyone has the ability and the right to obtain certainty about their biological child, grandchild, father, mother, sister and/or brother.

If even the slightest doubt exists, you should never accept fatherhood or acknowledge paternity, before a DNA test is made. A lot of people already bring our test kit to the maternity ward.

Order your DNA test today. You can change your mind and return it at any time. Our customers are not limited by the customary internet shopping restrictions. If the kit is unopened, you can return it even if a year or more has passed. In addition DNAtest does not charge any fee, if you want to cancel your order.

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You do not have to fill in many unnecessary paper and sign and have to provide many personal information see FAQ

Fast result and quick peace of mind, at no extra cost. is the only company in Europe that offers a DNA test, which is approved by E-COMMERCE PROTECTION and e-mærket  

We currently offer the most precise and secure DNA test in Europe. All of our tests are conducted with the most recent technology, and they are all double tests with a minimum of 25 to 32 genetic markers. In special cases, we even do tests with as many as 48 markers.

Our delivery time is the fastest in Scandinavia, since most of our tests are completed within just 24 hours. This means that you will receive your test result via e-mail within just 2 to 5 workdays without any extra cost.

DNAtest is the only company in Europe to offer refunds without conditions on all of our products.

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Test the paternity of your unborn child with a prenatal paternity test.

A "Prenatal paternity test" makes it possible to test the paternity of the unborn child after just 8 weeks of pregnancy - without any risk to the fetus.

We collaborate with doctors, who can take the relevant blood test on the mother as well as a mouth swab on the possible father. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes - there is no waiting time and no waiting list. Alternatively, the blood test and the mouth swab can be done by your own doctor.

The accuracy of the result is normally 99,9 %, given a positive result, and 100 % given a negative one. You’ll get the result of your Prenatal paternity test within 3 to 7 workdays, with a maximum of 10 workdays regarding tests done.

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We have had satisfied customers for 25 years. As the only supplier on the market, we deliver all types of DNA family tests. We are approved by the e-brand to ensure legal and safe internet transactions. offers an unlimited money back guarantee. We don’t ask questions - you just return your unopened test kit. Our customers can always review on Trustpilot or via the e-brand

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